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To help you select from the activities we do at the centre, we focus on three categories…

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Adventure: Active, fun filled, challenging, risky and daring. All of our activities are adventures in themselves – from climbing to the tops of the trees to learning how to make a fire from first principals (yes, no matches!).  We concentrate on the activities that build learning and skills rather than just pure adrenaline, but there is plenty of that too, but these help us understand ourselves and the great outdoors far better.

Outdoor Education: Traditional outdoor education sessions utilising the superb area we work in consisting of orienteering, geocaching, team work and problem solving, pioneering along with treks and walks navigating the woods.

Discovery: Learning about the environment, the outdoors and yourself through Art, Geography, Field Studies Story’s and creating thing in our woods and local area. Visiting farms to learn about food and countryside issues, seeing wood craft and management in action with engaging and practical sessions.


185_FCCCurriculum: Focused around the learning, using the outdoors as a classroom for your topics. Use a bouldering session for maths, construct a ballista for science or history, identify the stars at night, conduct a river flow or a bird study. Let us know what the topics are from the class and we can bring them to life.


183_FCCEnvironmental/Conservation:  Using the outdoors to practically connect, conserve, enjoy and wonder at the natural world. Pond dips, food chains, bug hunts, habitats and conservation skills. Some things we do just for the sheer love of the wonder and experience – hard slog to the top a hill for the view or tracking in the woods for deer. Some just put us in touch with the world around us, such as night under the stars, deep in a wood.


We have a wide list of activities for all ages that group leader can build into the programmes. The secret to a great course is knowing what you want to achieve and talking to us to help you get there.