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An outdoor sport without age, skill or ability barriers!

Become the next Robin Hood with precision, stamina, accuracy and an eye for the details.

Archery is the champion of field sports where a long tradition keeps young and old on an equal footing.

The competitive spirit is at the heart of the game. It can be just aimed at yourself -improving every time or with your team building points, popping balloons or playing darts.

If you have space then our archery kit can come to you, all that is needed is enough of an overshoot to keep everyone safe and an area that doesn’t have livestock or people in it!


  • Communication
  • Application of Number
  • Working with Others
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance

Key Stage 2 & 3

Numeracy: Angles, application of number

Science: Forces, energy

History: Stone Age, Bronze Age – origins of Archery

Literacy: Communication, Story telling (Robin Hood theme)

Physical Education: Developing skills with consistency and control in adventurous activity, awareness of health and safety of others.

Citizenship/PSHE: Recognizing their mistakes, setting goals to improve.

 SMSC Links

Spiritual LinksStudents learn to reflect on their experiences and improve their skills.

Cultural LinksIntroduced to the origins of archery and how it links to their heritage.