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Is all about learning to take care of ourselves, each other, and the environment!

Bushcraft is not survival. It’s about being able to use the woodland and our surroundings to keep you warm, sheltered, fed and watered and above all comfortable. Being able to use nature’s bounty to remain comfortable, means that you carry knowledge, rather than many kilo’s of “Essential Kit” and supplies.


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Our Bushcraft sessions include activities such as:

  • Woodland shelter building & design
  • Natural foods and camp cooking
  • Safe use of cutting tools and making natural tools
  • Getting a fire going without matches.

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Theses are not Forest School sessions and have different practices and ways of working. If you would like a forest school programme, training or taster please give the Sandwell Forest School’s co-ordinator a call on 0845 352 7851

National Curriculum Links

Science – Chemical reactions, forces, climate change

Art & Design – Designing and making a structure

Literacy: Communication

Numeracy: Angles, shapes

Physical Education: Outdoor Adventurous Activity

SocialLinks Team work interactions and communication through shelter building.  Design and make shelter through sharing of ideas and discussion. Solve problems encountered when building shelter.

Cultural LinksLearning about the cultural links to ancestors through survival skills.

Spiritual LinksConnecting with nature and valuing the non-material dimension to life.