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Climbing & Abseil

*Bouldering can be delivered by FCC staff or can be delivered by suitably trained visiting staff.

039Climbing is a physical and intense experience unrivalled by other sports. A combination of mental strength and physical technique takes you higher literally!

The adrenaline provides the high and the sense of achievement is boundless as you make the top or just get a few feet higher than last time. The movement on the rock brings into sharp focus your own body and improves spacial awareness. Our instructors can teach you basic climbing techniques and introduce you to essential climbing equipment, right up to becoming a ‘complete climber’.

Our purpose built outdoor wall from Enterprise has graded routes from ‘Rainbow’ to 6c with overhangs slabs, cracks and features.

Egner-Photography-Frank Chapman-IMG_0872Abseil: Start on our 6m wall or out onto our abseiling crag near the river. 60ft of sheer drop to lower yourself off under our watchful gaze. Fear and trepidation as you teeter over the edge and the sense of achievement at the bottom when you know you have conquered your fears.

* Bouldering is one of the 4 sections of the Outdoor Learning Cards system – designed to be delivered in schools & youth clubs by teachers & youth workers.

Once trained you could deliver these basic sessions to your group either at the centre or back at base (if you have a traversing wall), building it into your curriculum or using the provided scheme of work.

Skills Courses:

NICAS National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme to Levels 1 & 2 taking you from novice to a self reliant climber of indoor walls.

It covers individual performance and challenge, belays, communication and trust issues. Taking responsibility for yourself and others with ‘buddy checks’ reinforce the need to keep each other safe and see concentration levels soar.

Bouldering & Climbing can bring extensions to almost all curriculum subjects.

  • NatiEgner-Photography-Frank Chapman-IMG_0830onal Curriculum:
  • Numeracy: Problem solving, angles, application of number
  • Literacy: Communication, climbing and abseil specific key words
  • PSHE/Citizenship: Team work, problem solving, leadership, taking personal responsibilities, reflecting and improving on own performance.
  • Physical Education: Problem solving, developing activity specific skills
  • Science: Forces

SMSC Links

SocialLinksStudents work together, encouraging and supporting each other.

Moral LinksStudents follow instructions and share roles to keep each other safe.

Spiritual LinksStudents reflect on their own learning and experiences and set goals for the future.