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Outdoor Curriculum

260_FCCWorking around your creative curriculum’s and themes we have a range of activities to engage and discover young people.

Earth Art: Drawing the inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy, we head off into the woods and pastures to create sculpture, pictures and installations. Investigating colour, texture and shape groups produce a individual and/or group pieces.

Key stage 1 Art and Design.
Literacy 6:2 – Speaking and Literacy
Literacy 6.4 Vocabulary development
Numeracy: Number, shape, pattern.
Key stage 2 Art and Design.
Literacy 6:2 – Speaking and Literacy
Literacy 6.4 Vocabulary development
Numeracy: Number, pattern, shape

Story Trails (Gruffalo/Bear Hunts)/Journey Sticks/ Song Trails: Popular and engaging stories for KS1 pupils and for KS2 using a Native American skill to record a journey using the things found along the way and memory or a Aboriginal technique to recording a journey for others without maps but in song.

KS1 Links
Literacy: recognising constituent parts of 2 & 3 syllable words. Reading fluently and using punctuation. Apply phonic knowledge to decode new words.
Drama: Role play
Science: nature, environment, living things, animals and plants.

Winter Bird Feeding Study: Observing and identifying birds and recording data from indoor observation points.

Creative crafts: making beesoms, bookmarks, cakes, whittling spikketrollen and other woodland derived skills and crafts.

Norman Church Visit: An off-site walk to Ribbesford Church and a study of it’s features, architecture and graveyard.

Bewdley Town Exploration: A journey to the local Georgian town with a variety of different themes that can be used including architecture, transport and geography. Not forgetting the famous Teddy Grays sweet shop.

River Studies: Using local streams as part of the River Severn system, a study of river processes that shape the land.

Witley Court Visit: An off-site visit to an English Heritage property in Worcestershire looking at the buildings, gardens, fountains and Baroque style church.

Farm Visit: An off-site visit to a local farm under the stewardship scheme. Children have a chance to interact with the animals as they are guided by our local farmer. What happen changes seasonally with the farm.

Maths Trails: Making maths fun, practical and active as our trails round the wood require sums!

Rocks!: Practical examinations of the geology and formation of the rocks in the area.