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Egner-Photography-Frank Chapman-IMG_0750Back in the Dark Ages the ballista was the first weapon of mass destruction, now we use it to have fun and build teams.
From simple poles and ropes groups can construct several A-frame launchers of bean bags, eggs, balls and have competitions for range, accuracy and how good their machine holds together before it all get broken down into its
component parts again.
The knots are simple and groups can be given as much, or as little help and they need to succeed.Looking for more of a challenge then crossing a stream without getting wet by building bridges out of the same materials is the game. In fact with a idea, a plan and a good team anything is possible – even furniture!


  • Communication
  • Working with Others
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance
  • Problem Solving

and so so much more…


Curriculum Links


Key Stage 2

Maths: Geometry

Art & Design: Making Balista by following instructions, technical knowledge understanding structure

PSHE: Team work and problem solving

Numeracy: Angles and Triangles

Science: Forces, energy

History: Romans

Literacy: Communication


Key Stage 3

Design and Technology: Plan, design and make products using wood. Evaluate other designs. Technical knowledge. 

Key stage 3 Maths: Geometry, reason mathematically, problem solving.

PSHE: Team work and problem solving

Science: Forces, energy.

History: Romans, castles 

Literacy: Communication


SMSC Links

SocialLinksYoung people work together developing listening skills, discussion and sharing ideas, leadership and problem solving in order to construct a structure using wood and ropes.

Cultural LinksCultural ancestral links to the use of catapults and ballistics.