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Problem Solving & Team Building

*This can be delivered by FCC staff or by suitably trained visiting staff.

As relevant to Year 4’s as it is to senior business leaders – problem solving or team games are fun ways to learn, argue, agree, decide and plan.

Egner-Photography-Frank Chapman-IMG_0826Based around a simple plan-do-review model we use our ingenuity to make puzzles, set challenges and make the learning fun and appropriate to your group.

Spider’s web, burma bridges, bombs, blindfold trails and sheep pens are just some of the tools used to test your listening and problem solving skills.

Mental puzzles through to physical activities engage everyone in the team, we’ll test your ability to work together, communicate & think fast. A great start to a course is ‘Now get out of that!’ Where teams compete to win points for the final challenge of an egg drop from the balcony.

*Problem solving is one of the 4 sections of the Outdoor Learning Cards system – designed to be delivered in schools & youth clubs by teachers & youth workers.Once trained you could deliver these basic sessions to your group either at the centre or back at base, building it into your curriculum or using the provided scheme of work.

National Curriculum

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3


Literacy: Communication

PSHE/Citizenship: Team working and leadership skills

Physical Education: Awareness of ways to stay safe, problem solving, balance

Numeracy: Problem solving


SMSC Links

SocialLinksInteraction with team/group members during problem solving activity; discussion, sharing ideas, leadership, working together to reach solutions to problems.

Spiritual Links Reflecting on and improving their own learning and performance.