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Barnfield restoration.

IMG_1045Woodland Ways and the Wyre Forest Community land trust based at Uncllys Farm have been on a mission to restore the pasture land at the centre with an aim to bring it back into grazing.IMG_1047

The Barnfields were once used to feed the centre with the land planted and tilled to produce the fruit and veg the children eat. Following this they were put to pasture to support the horses kept on site that were a staple activity of the children. For the last few years the field has been a staple of our KS1 orienteering course, seen ballistas built and fired, and still produced a bit of fruit and veg from the small allotment.

IMG_1048The restoration has seen the encroaching woodland scrub cut back and the trees sided up before the 30 year old fencing that had lasted well, but was long past its sell by date, removed as it had become dangerous.

The chestnut fencing posts, stainers and the stiles were all locally sourced, grown on the other side of the valley and produced just meters away in David’s yard. David also created a variety of stiles for

Whilst the field is still going to be used for orienteering, earth art and general games and fun it will also have a season use of keeping in the dexter cattle from Uncllys who spend their summers grazing the land around our cottage in the woods, Coopers Mill IMG_1046