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Chickens new home.

Well the girls have moved into their new home. After a night locked in to the coup the get acquainted with it, the doors were opened this morning.

A little shellshocked from their journey (pun intended) and the first view of the real world outside of a chicken shed it took a while for one to come out about 11am. It seemed it would be the only adventurer until about 2pm another joined it. Roving through the bracken and picking out ants was the order of the day whilst the rest of the girls stood outside the door not venturing more than a few inches but drinking it all in. 

One chicken actually made it back up the steps and back inside but the other escapee needed a little rounding up and they were shut back in behind their protective electric fence for 7pm.

They gave us 4 eggs during the day too which was a welcome surprise and a sign the upheaval was not too traumatic. 

Next they need names – we hope that the next 8 groups, starting with Warley Infants school, will give us suggestions and we can keep them updated on progress. We will have more from the hen house over the next few days and weeks.