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Youth Development Courses

These bespoke programmes are aimed at young people currently involved in projects to assist with their personal & social development and learning in a practical environment away from the classroom.

We have had groups such as:

  • National Citizenship Scheme
  • Pupil Referral Units
  • Youth Service
  • YMCA
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Police, Fire & Rescue working with young people.
  • International Youth Groups
  • Religious retreats and youth camps


Each programme is tailored to meet the aims and outcomes of the group, and provide the opportunity to fulfil various curriculum requirements and address a number of the headings within the Every Child Matters framework such as Be Healthy, Stay Safe and Make a Positive Contribution.

Adventure Based Learning

Egner-Photography-Frank Chapman-IMG_0746These programmes are aimed at young people currently out of or at risk of leaving mainstream education and who are engaged in alternative or complementary education.

Each programme is tailored by working with the groups leader and students themselves to meet the aims and outcomes of the group. Selection and content of activity sessions is dependant on the desired outcomes.

The course is usually delivered in three phases:-

On Site Learning:
We will send a team of staff to your premises to work with your young people. This normally begins with a short sessions lasting no longer than 1.5hrs per week progressing to half-day sessions involving more complex tasks, and introducing reflective practice.

Off-Site Training:
Taking young people into a different environment will inevitably stretch them to some degree and give most a neutral footing to begin the next stage in their development. This can be done on a residential or non-residential basis, with the former providing the most outcomes, offering the opportunity to learn both formally and informally. This phase focuses on the learning behind the activity, not necessarily the activity itself. This phase also prepares the young people for the next stage in the program by ‘handing over’ responsibility to them.

The young people are transported to a wild environment where they complete a 2-4 day expedition or activity (depending on age and intensity required). The expedition is supported by, but not led by, our professional staff.


Participants also have the opportunity to gain recorded outcomes and accreditations through the programmes.

Programmes can take place as expeditions, residential visits or as day visit sessions on a week by week basis.