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New Guests Smell!

The Frank Chapman Outdoor Education Centre took delivery of 14 new guests at the centre today.

On loan from Forest Pig Charcuterie are 14 Oxford Sandy-Black pigs, who will be living in the woodland as part of a joint venture to help keep the land in good condition.

Following a partnership with a local forester to clear parts of the forest to keep the trees in good condition the pigs then come in and eat all the bramble and rip up bracken, allowing, once they move on, the forest floor to regenerate with new trees, grasses and habitat suitable for many more creatures.

The centre provides the best environment for these woodland animals to graze and explore and it is a fantastic opportunity for the children visiting to meet them, and learn about why they are here and why they help the forest.

Already one has been given a nickname – ‘Gizmo’, the runt of the pack is very small and can only see in one eye but loves the attention.

Stu Meese, the Head of Centre said ‘It really brings the woodland alive, they are friendly, curious and very funny. Whilst quite destructive they work well to clear parts of our site without chemicals or huge amounts of manpower. It really nice to have a productive and working woodland for the children to see’