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Price freeze 2017 – 2018!!

In recognition of the current financial pressures facing schools, Sandwell’s centres will not implement a price increase to Sandwell schools and academy schools for 2017-18. Charges will remain the same as for the past two years.

This applies to schools already booked, as well as those that are still to do so, and reflects the commitment of Sandwell’s Centres to enabling as many Sandwell children and schools as possible to access high-quality residential learning experiences.

The initiative has the full backing of Councillor Hackett and Chris Ward.


Monday-Friday Residential Charges per pupil (4 nights)


Sandwell school charge:

Charges1.08.17-31.03.18: £180(£95/2 nights)

Charges01.04.18-31.07.18: £200(£105/2 nights)


Sandwell academy school charge

Charges1.08.17-31.03.18: £210(£115/2 nights)

Charges01.04.18-31.07.18: £230(£120/2 nights)


Sandwell Looked After Children on term-time residential visits with their school attend free of charge.

Richard Oakes, Manager, Sandwell Residential Education Centres.